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Unbreakable Series CoversClick now to read:  Unbreakable
A Romantic Mystery Trilogy
When a lonely researcher learns a bit too much about an experimental new drug, the horrors from her past seem destined to return. Just as her life begins to spin out of control, a dashing computer security expert arrives from South America and seems the perfect antidote. But is his sudden arrival just the happy coincidence it seems? Find out in this book series that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of mystery, romance, and mischief—until the very last page.

Gifted Ones Series CoversClick now to read: The Gifted Ones
Episodic Romantic Suspense
Book One: Grace Nagle has seen more than her share of tragedy in thirty-three years, but she’s finally settled into a solitary and quiet life raising her teenaged niece Ellie…quiet, that is, as long as she can keep Ellie in the dark about a certain genetic gift that runs in the family. After Ellie’s frightening encounter with the new boy in town, however, Grace can no longer hide the truth. At first, Ellie is thrilled with her new life and her new, Gifted friends, and even Grace starts to reconsider her lonely existence with so many Gifted men around. But when it becomes clear that Grace’s original fears were not unfounded, Ellie learns that “different” isn’t always better. And sometimes, it means running for your life.