The Gifted Ones: A Solver (Book 4)

The Gifted Ones: A Solver

The Story
Book Four: A Solver
Lenny Zambrusco is a lonely police detective who can’t let go of the unsolved murder that changed his life. When Lenny’s work leads him to a tiny college town hidden in the mountains of Virginia, he discovers a super secret research project being carried out there. With assistance from Dr. Elmyra “Granny” Mertens and the other Gifted Ones, Lenny investigates the investigators and finds more than he bargained for. But when the whole scheme begins to unravel, Detective Zambrusco must rely on his singular skills and training to rescue a feisty Gifted Solver from those who wish she’d never been born.

The Series
The Gifted Ones is an episodic, romantic suspense series, with each book running 65K to 100K words in length (300 to 400 paperback pages). Each episode is a complete story in itself, but leaves “dangling threads” to be resolved in later episodes. The stories are chronological and connected with recurring characters, so you will want to read them in order, similar to many action/adventure/mystery series on television.

Series Content
The Gifted Ones series is intended for an audience that is 16+. It is NOT intended to be YA fiction, as it does/will contain some violent and sexual themes, but nothing graphic, gory, or explicit. It should be acceptable reading material for anyone from 16 to 106.

Book categories: Romantic Suspense

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