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The Bitter Part of Valor


I really struggled with whether to blog about the Blasey-Ford v. Kavanaugh topic, mostly because I’m in the final stages of Book 4 of The Gifted Ones, and that’s where I need to keep my focus, but also because I’ve hit on this topic before (see last year’s Me, Me, Me, Too, Too, Too). But this one quote drove me over the edge, compelling me to blog. It is from an article in The Atlantic by Benjamin Wittes, editor in chief of Lawfare and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution (so says his byline). Here’s what Wittes says:

But if Kavanaugh cannot present such a defense—even if he truly believes himself innocent, even if he is innocent—the better part of valor is to get out now.
Oh. Em. Gee. That is breathtaking in its stupidity. And everything that is wrong with this country today. If Wittes had been in charge in 1776, we’d be having tea and crumpets at four today.

Wittes reasons that if Kavanaugh cannot somehow prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t commit the alleged crime (drunken teenage sexual assault), he should just declare himself guilty and go home. What is this valor of which he speaks? What is valiant about letting someone mow you down in cold blood? Destroy your life, your family, and your career without so much as a whimper? Clearly, Mr. Wittes has been drinking the SJW Kool-Aid if he thinks some shaky allegation is reason to lay down your arms and die. Now that truly would be the end of The Republic as we know it.

Here’s the thing. I honestly believe Dr. Blasey-Ford did experience something like what she has described. Why? For one, she did tell of such an event—without using names—to a therapist several years ago. For another, I know stuff like that happened a lot back then (and probably still does), because I was in high school at the same time, and as readers of this blog have surmised, I experienced something pretty similar to the story she tells. Based on that alone, I deem her story plausible.

But that’s where the support ends. Just because such a thing happened to her, doesn’t make the rest of her tale—the few details we have—true. To all who say, “She has nothing to gain from coming forward,” I say, posh. Clearly, the rabid Left has a lot to gain from pinning this experience on Kavanaugh, and we can only speculate but that Ford is part of that rabid Left, since she totally wiped her social media before coming forward. They have stated in their own words and through their actions that they will stop at nothing to block Trump’s agenda, and specifically his SCOTUS picks. This allegation fits perfectly into that scenario, and if the ploy works, Ford will be hailed as a hero of the Left. Not to mention, I’ve counted up close to $400K across two GoFundMe pages for Blasey-Ford’s “security costs.” And I won’t even waste time with the shenanigans that were pulled in terms of not bringing up her letter earlier in the confirmation process, which just cements the “resistance” aspect of this allegation.

But in addition to her resistance uniform, Dr. Ford has tight ties to the abortion industry, which many see as being threatened by Kavanaugh. I personally doubt that he will do anything like what they rant and rave about, but that’s an argument for another day. The fact remains that Dr. Ford was the lead biostatistician on several studies for her current/former employer (status unclear) on new uses for the existing abortion drug, RU-486, a.k.a., mifepristone, which are designed to extend its patent and keep it legal. I am only speculating here, but it’s entirely possible she has a financial stake in that company or in the drug itself, but even if she doesn’t, she would certainly have a professional stake in seeing her work contribute to the success of this drug.

So she and many others, who may be whispering in her ear, do indeed have something to gain from this, which brings us to the believability of her claims. Her memory is rocky, to say the least. There are conflicts between what she now says happened and what she told the therapist, between who she says was there and what those witnesses say for themselves (all deny), and too many holes in the story to mention (You don’t remember how you got home after being sexually assaulted, without a car, without a phone? Really?). I will willingly grant you that trauma victims do suffer confused and erratic memory (used this as a major plot device in Little Miss Straight Lace, along with the abortion drug, ironically), but Dr. Ford’s memory blanks are awfully convenient.

So all of this ruminating brings me to my point—yes, I believe Dr. Ford might well have experienced the sexual assault she describes, but I also believe she, or those pulling her strings, are using her experience to cause political harm to those they have sworn to dispose, because they disagree with them on fundamental social issues. And in the process, they are harming all other victims of sexual assault with their little game. And I have no doubt they would justify it as being for the “greater good.”

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter one whit what I or anyone else believes happened to Dr. Blasey-Ford thirty-six years ago. Her allegations are unprovable on their face—Brett Kavanaugh cannot possibly defend himself or disprove these allegations, as Mr. Wittes demands, because there are no facts in evidence. By Mr. Wittes’ logic, if one would like to oust a political opponent, all one need do is make an evidence-free claim against him, and if he is a man of valor, he will bow out, leaving us with only the people of no valor in positions of power. Wow, what a great plan for our country!